Meet Sarah Turcotte of EPOCH Senior Living, ALCA Committee Member and Corporate Partner

June 14, 2024   |   Board/Committee Member Spotlight, Corporate Partner Spotlight

What geographic area do you cover,  Sarah?

I help to support a cluster of communities and their surrounding areas at our Bridges of Andover, Bridges of Lexington, Bridges of Nashua, Bridges of Sudbury, Bridges of Westford and Waterstone of Lexington.

What services do you provide that would be helpful for care managers and their clients to be aware of? 

Bridges by EPOCH is a Memory Care Assisted Living stand-alone community specializing in Dementia Care. We care for various types of Dementia and support our residents throughout the disease process, even through end-of-life care. All our communities are Purple Flag Accredited and are considered the Gold-Star Standard for Dementia Care.

Our award-winning Waterstone communities offer elevated Independent and Assisted Living Senior Living options. They are known to offer the best-in-class amenities and luxury services to their residents. From active lifestyles to fine dining and much more!

Why did you go into this business?  What separates you from others in this field?

My entire career has been dedicated to serving those with memory impairment. My first time working in a memory care unit, I was still in high school! Luckily, I had one of the best mentors and I have grown through many roles in the world of Memory Care, over the last 20 years. One purpose and it has always remained true for me… My commitment to making a difference and helping people and families navigate the dementia journey. I find great joy in helping families to find the support they need as well as helping them to find moments of joy while they navigate one of the most difficult illnesses. If I can help make this journey for caregivers even just a little bit easier, I feel great satisfaction!  I also come from a personal experience, and what makes me different is my personal commitment to continuously shaping and redefining the dementia care landscape and the opportunities we provide to those living with memory impairment and their families.

How long have you been an ALCA member, and when did you first get involved in committee work?

EPOCH Senior Living has been a member of ALCA since 2019. While I have been a part of many of events since 2019, I just started helping to support the committee work just this year, 2024.

Tell us about your experience as a Committee member of ALCA-NE:

While being a committee is still a fresh experience for me, I had the pleasure of helping with the recent networking event held for the NE ALCA Chapter. It was a great success! I am excited and looking forward to the upcoming efforts and events that the committee is working on. They are working to be a resource and support to professionals who are members and are committed to making a difference each day to their patients and clients. This truly aligns with my passion, and it will be fun to be a part of this effort.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I love spending time with my family and friends and love a good adventure! From family vacations at the beach, to seeing live music with friends, I love trying anything new! My most favorite thing of all is having fun with my 11-year-old son and keeping up with him and all his activities. He also has a great sense of adventure, and he loves playing soccer all year long!

To reach Sarah: Sarah Turcotte, Area Community Liaison, EPOCH Senior Living, ;


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