Meet Jen Kulig, State Director at Tribute Home Care and ALCA Corporate Partner

July 10, 2023   |   Corporate Partner Spotlight

What is your company and role, Jen?

I am the State Director – Massachusetts & Illinois for Tribute Home Care.

What geographic area do you cover?

My team covers most of Eastern Massachusetts, including the Boston metro area, north shore, south of Boston, and out to MetroWest.  Tribute also has offices in Baltimore, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Chicago, Illinois.

What services do you provide that would be helpful for care managers and their clients to be aware of?

Tribute provides support with personal care, housekeeping assistance, medication assistance, companionship, safety supervision, running errands, and care specific to certain diagnoses like dementia and Parkinson’s.  Tribute’s Client Solutions team will develop a personalized care plan to ensure caregivers are well prepared and that a proper match is made between our clients and our caregivers.

Why did you go into this business?  What separates you from others in the field?

I went into this business 17+ years ago because the concept of providing care in someone’s home intrigued me and I wanted to be sure I was part of its evolution.   I knew that more and more people were going to be seeking care in their homes as the baby boomer generation aged, and I wanted to be part of making sure resources were available and that remarkable care was possible.

I am profoundly aware that the connection between a Caregiver and their client has an impact that goes beyond a list of tasks that need to be completed.  A great Caregiver goes above and beyond to make a personal connection that lifts the spirit and brings joy and optimism to someone’s life.

That’s why our focus at Tribute is on the Caregiver experience. No one does more to support, train and celebrate Caregivers so you receive the highest quality care that lifts the spirit, visit after visit.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I spend much of my free time in ice rinks watching my two boys play hockey and on the field watching them play soccer.  I also love to read, walk with my golden retriever, do gardening, and spend as much time traveling/exploring the world as possible.

To reach Jen:   Jen Kulig, 617-517-5400,,


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