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Protecting our caregivers; exploring boundaries, challenging conversations, and the importance of self-care

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

4:30-6:05 pm

1.50 CE   CCMC/PACE and SW

Speaker: Sam van Kalkeren, MSN, RN, CDP, CADDCT, Director of Aging Services at O’Connor Professional Group

This interactive presentation will provide participants, particularly Aging Life Care Professionals, Social Workers, and Registered Nurses, the opportunity to learn more about substance use disorder and mental health issues in older adults and the impact these illnesses have on the individual and their family members. The presenter will also discuss in detail alcohol-related brain damage. Finally, participants will be taught how to manage resistance in clients to provide the best therapeutic support possible.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Discuss the impact of mental health and substance use challenges for aging adults.
  2. Describe alcohol-related brain damage.
  3. Describe ways to work with resistant clients with mental health and substance use challenges.

Meeting Agenda:

4:30 Welcome, announcements and introduction

4:35 Introduction to the topic (5 minutes)

4:40 Mental health impacts (anxiety, bipolar, depression) (25 minutes)

5:05 Group discussion and reflection (10 minutes)

5:15 Substance use in older adults (15 minutes)

5:30 Alcohol-related brain damage (15 minutes)

5:45 Managing resistance (10 minutes)

5:55 Discussion and Q&A (10 minutes)

6:05 End of CE program

Contact Hours

Please note that anyone arriving after 4:35 pm will not be entitled to a certificate. There is no charge for the certificate.

This program has been submitted to the Commission for Case Manager Certification to provide continuing education credit to board certified case managers with 1.5 CE contact hours, and to the Network for Professional Education at the Boston University School of Social Work to provide continuing education credit to licensed SWs with 1.5 CE contact hours. Please check with your state board to verify acceptance of the Boston CE

No fee is charged for this program.


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