Meet Sarah Bourque, RN, MSN, CMC and ALCA New England Chapter Board Member

July 17, 2023   |   Board/Committee Member Spotlight

Sarah Bourque Pic

Where do you practice, Sarah?

I practice in Massachusetts: west Middlesex County, south Worcester County, Norfolk County, Bristol County and surrounding areas.

How long have you been an ALCA member?

I joined ALCA in July of 2018. I became a part of the membership committee toward the end of 2019. I have been part of the conference committee for the past 2 years.

Tell us about your experience as a Board/Committee member?

Getting involved with chapter committees and the Board has expanded the number of great ALCMs and resources I have access to.  It has made me a better, more confident practitioner.

What do you do in your free time?

I wish I could say I exercise and spend time out in nature, but that just wouldn’t be true. I relax on the couch and watch a lot of TV.

To reach Sarah:   Sarah Levin Bourque, RN, MSN, CMC; The Aging Space; 508-458-6438;


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