Meet ALCA New England Corporate Partner, Dodge Park

August 1, 2023   |   Corporate Partner Spotlight

What geographic area do you cover?

We cover all of New England – people are coming to our facilities, from all around and including New Hampshire and Maine.

What services do you provide that would be helpful for care managers and their clients to be aware of?

We the only Rest Home in the state of Massachusetts licensed as a dementia care special unit. We are a dedicated facility for individuals with dementia. We are capable of handling from high-functioning level all away to end-of-life and hospice care. We are providing a unique level of care that is a hybrid between nursing home and assisted living facility.

Micha and Ben, why did you go into this business? What separates you from others in this field?

Both Ben and I [Co- Owners/Administrators] are doing this for over 30 years. For us dementia is a mission due to personal history in our family. We are not a corporation. We are local guys that operate the facilities with a unique help. WE are very hands on. We very well known for our staff stability and staff ratio to provide the best care in the dementia spectrum.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

Basketball and the beach.


To reach Dodge Park:   Dodge Park Rest Home – and The Oasis at Dodge Park; Worcester, MA; Micha Shalev and Ben Herlinger, Co-owner/Administrators; and ; Micha Shalev – 818-571-8981,; Ben Herlinger 818-571-8971,