Meet Carmen Roy, RN, MPH, CMC and New England ALCA Chapter Member Since 2002

October 31, 2023   |   Special Spotlight

Where do you practice, Carmen?

I cover all of Rhode Island.

Tell us about your involvement and experience with ALCA. 

I have been a member since 2002 and really began working as an Aging Life Care Manager full time beginning in 2004.  I adopted a baby from China and then was approached to purchase my mentor’s practice 2 months later. Since then, I have been on and running. I served on the New England Chapter board at one point and have enjoyed both local and national ALCA conferences.

What led you to the profession of Aging Life Care?

I have worked in a variety of aging settings, including starting a PACE Program, Adult Day Health, Home Care and in-patient Geri-Psych. I witnessed first hand all of the cracks in the system and wanted to work on a higher level to bridge the gaps for older adults.  I was also very close to my maternal grandfather and learned a lot about aging through his visits and his angst re: aging, loss of a spouse, seeking to find meaning in work and relationships, etc.  He is on my website under “My Personal Story.”

What resources or services do you frequently recommend to your clients to help them navigate the aging process more effectively?

Our services are medical consultation and care management. We obtain medical records for all of our clients, including visits to the ER and hospitalizations. With this information, we are able to truly educate and have families understand where their loved one is on the continuum of health and decline.  I seek to explain the issues in laymen’s terms in order to guide families through the aging process and decision-making.

What is one piece of advice you can offer to those new to Aging Life Care?

Being an Aging Life Care Manager requires passion, perseverance and the ability to solve problems.  You need to have energy to fight the fight re: client needs within a very challenging health care environment.

Tell us something you enjoy doing in your free time:

I love my dog, Nikki. She is rescue who is disabled and now is our company mascot and friendly visitor.   Nikki demonstrates a “can do “ attitude and brings joy to all who interact with her.  She recently came in first place at a local rescue fundraiser wheelchair race!

To reach Carmen:   Carmen Roy, RN, MPH, CMC; Elder at Home, LLC; ;  My office number is 401-475-7705.  My assistant, Eileen, is there Monday through Thursdays 8-3pm to answer the phones and provided timely callbacks and information.


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