Meet Anna Pollard, LICSW, C-ASWCM and ALCA New England Chapter Member Since 2007

December 31, 2023   |   Special Spotlight

Where do you practice, Anna?

Our office is in Newton, MA. We provide care management in Eastern MA, Cape Cod, and Southeastern NH.

Tell us about your involvement and experience with ALCA. 

I have been a member of ALCA since January of 2007, almost 17 years! I have attended many regional and national conferences, and appreciate the collaboration that ALCA membership fosters in referring clients to or sharing clients with trusted colleagues in other parts of the region or country, providing resources to and receiving resources from other members, and a community that “gets” what we do!

What led you to the profession of Aging Life Care?

When I first learned about Aging Life Care, I was intrigued by the opportunity to work with clients and their families through the spectrum of care and life, and not just when they were patients of the health care provider I was working for.

What resources or services do you frequently recommend to your clients to help them navigate the aging process more effectively?

Our care managers engage in a holistic assessment and initial engagement process to be able to provide individualized, effective resources and services to best meet each client’s needs.  We focus on “aging well”, not only meeting the care needs of the client but striving to maintain and improve their quality of life.

What is one piece of advice you can offer to those new to Aging Life Care?

Reach out for peer or supervisor support, join ALCA and attend “new member” events, and use those resources to hone your existing skills to the exciting role of care management!

Tell us something you enjoy doing in your free time:

I enjoy spending time with my husband and teenage children, hiking, walking, skiing, and reading.

To reach Anna:  Anna Pollard, LICSW, C-ASWCM,  Director of Clinical Services, LifeCare Advocates, (617) 928-0200, ;


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