Meet Ellen Wilson, RN, BSN, CCM and new ALCA New England Chapter Member

February 15, 2024   |   New Member Spotlight

Where do you practice, Ellen?

I am based out of Northeastern Connecticut, though have many state licenses, so willing to travel.  I also travel extensively to The Villages, Florida and have set up to assist there as well.

What led you to the profession of Aging Life Care?

After working for years in Corporate America for Health Insurance and seeing that everything to them was about profit and production, I felt passionate that I needed to get out there and do the work that I wanted to do. People need to be treated with care, dignity and respect and I am here to do that.

Do you have an area of expertise or specialty? 

Family communication.

Tell us something you enjoy doing in your free time?

My husband and 8-year-old daughter love to travel, play golf and watch local high school basketball games.

Ellen Wilson, RN, BSN, CCM, Chestnut Health Management;,, Feel free to call or text: 860-264-1379


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