Meet Danielle Lubin, MSW, LICSW and ALCA New England Chapter Committee Member

April 4, 2024   |   Board/Committee Member Spotlight

Where do you practice, Danielle?

I practice in the Greater Boston metro area.

How long have you been an ALCA member?

I’ve been an ALCA member since ~2020 (I think!), I had the opportunity to go to the National Convention in 2022 and 2023. I joined the New England Chapter Program Committee in 2022 and just recently joined the Conference Committee!

Tell us about your experience as a Board/Committee member?

The Program Committee has been a great chance to get more involved with ALCA, network with care managers and professionals outside of Your Elder Experts and earn CEUs every month (by attending programs!)  I have so enjoyed the feeling of community among care managers and corporate sponsors at the New England and National conventions, so I am excited to have a hand in planning the next New England conference this year.

What do you do in your free time?

I love to knit, go biking, hiking, camping, and spend time with my family!

To reach Danielle:   Danielle Lubin, MSW, LICSW; Your Elder Experts, a Program of Jewish Children’s & Family Services Boston; danielle@yourelderexperts.com


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